Getting a Good Roofing Estimate Is all About Asking Questions

Whether you’re looking for a roofing contractor to fix a simple leak or to install a completely new roof, homeowners should understand the basics of getting a good and accurate roofing estimate.  The contractor’s ability to clearly communicate the details of his or her roofing estimate is one of the most important things to look for. If the contractor gives you a roofing estimate that seems to have been put together by a first grader, then it’ll give you some kind of clue as to the type of work that the contractor is going to do for you.

Some important things that every homeowner should ask for when they get a roofing estimate include references, insurance information, and their California State license information.  Typically, homeowners should get at least three solid references of previous work that the roofing contractor has done.  Homeowners should take the time to go and look at the property, and in some cases, talk to the owners about their experience with the roofing contractor.  Homeowners should then check with the insurance provider to make sure that the roofing contractor’s insurance is still up to date.  And finally, check with the state to make sure the contractor’s license is in good standing.  If the homeowner is still not sure about the credibility of the contractor, they should make a call to the Better Business Bureau.

Homeowners should also remember that the lowest roofing estimate is not always the best.  Just because they might be cheaper doesn’t mean they are going to provide the homeowner with the best job possible.  Homeowners should remember that sometimes roofing contractors might have a hard time indentifying unseen damage from prolonged water leaks or other hidden problems, which is why clear communication between the two of you is so important.  Homeowners should feel comfortable asking as many questions that they need to, so that they feel confident that there won’t be any surprises.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that the roofing contractor is going to start and finish the job in a timely manner.  Even though Southern California weather is sunny most of the time, nobody wants their home exposed to the elements. Other questions that homeowners might want to ask include:  How safety conscious are the people that are employed by the roofing contractor? Have there been any recent accidents that have caused injuries or property damage?  And, how clean will the roofing contractor leave the homeowner’s property when the job is complete?

After the homeowner has decided on a roofing estimate that best suits their budget and found a roofing contractor that makes them feel confident that they’re going to do good work, there are still some things that will be required before the project can begin.  The roofing contractor will want to set up a meeting to sign a contract, and in some cases, get a deposit from the homeowner.  Homeowner’s shouldn’t ever be required to give more than 10% of the total cost of the job as a deposit.  Nor should they ever have to pay for work that has not been done.  If homeowners follow some common sense advice when choosing a roofing estimate, they should feel secure in knowing that they got the best roofing contractor for the job.

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